John S. Keenlyside & Company was established in 1973 as independent investment counsel. We offer portfolio management services to high-net worth individuals, charities and pension plans. John Keenlyside and Peter Keenlyside are licensed portfolio managers and Chris Keenlyside is our office manager. Our staff combines almost 90 years of experience in the investment industry.

Our Company emphasizes tailored portfolios for each client, incorporating substantial internal and external research in its portfolio transactions. The company believes that a balanced approach, incorporating a mix of government-guaranteed bonds and high grade, large- capitalization public equities offers our clients the most effective way to participate in growing economies and companies without incurring undue risk.

We do not advertise nor publish results; each client portfolio is distinct, and is managed as such. Rather than attract a short-term clientele which looks for a faster race, or unrealistic goals, we look to establish a long-term relationship with our clients which may be played out over several decades – we have several third generation clients, a happy endorsement for our long standing clientele.  


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Vancouver, BC V6C-1V5

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